Best Way to Find Android Phone

  • 28-09-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

If you are looking for your phone or tablet that runs on the Android platform, the good news – there are reliable ways to find them. All you need to do is to pick your own searching method. This article will help you to find anything you lost if it has Android inside.

It is ok to forget where you’ve left your phone. This is a common problem for the whole of mankind. Sometimes we can even leave it in Uber, forget at work, or just drop it somewhere in the park. This is why the first thing you have to do is to relax, try to think clearly, and not panic.

Can you find the phone?

Despite all the modern technologies stuffed in our phones, not all of them can be tracked without extra devices or FBI gadgets we see in movies. Before you begin, you need to think about the phone’s current conditions. It has to meet the following demands:

  • Your phone has to be on;
  • Your GPS needs to be active;
  • You need to have Google Account, and you must be signed in;
  • The phone has to be connected either to WiFi or to mobile Internet;
  • Your phone has to be revealed on Google Play;
  • You need to have the Find My Device service which must be on.

How to find your phone

After you check the list of demands above and make sure that everything is there, you can begin the procedure. It is better to enter your Google Account and make sure that you have the Find My Device service in advance. If everything is alright, follow this step-by-step instruction:

  1. Go to the Google Find My Device online portal;
  2. You need to enter your Google account there that is also available on your phone;
  3. In the left upper corner you will see the button that leads to the lost phone, click it;
  4. You will immediately see the Google Map with your phone on it;
  5. Even if your phone is turned off right now, you will receive the last coordinates of the place when it was still on;
  6. Press Play Sound so your phone can start ringing for 5 minutes once you get to the location. Don’t worry, it will play even if it was on silent;
  7. Now you have to press the button Secure Device so your phone will be signed out and locked.

Apart from playing the sound option, you can use the Find My Device portal to send the message on the lock screen of your phone that reveals information about the owner and how to get in contact with you. Yet, the device must still be connected to the Internet and turned on. It does not matter what model of the phone you have until it runs on Android.

Other options

There are situations when you can see your phone moving on the map. Even if you track it, the person who took it may not want to give it back willingly. Before you call the police, you have to make sure that this person will not unlock your screen and steal the money from your cards connected to the phone. You have to lock it immediately even if it was not locked before. You can do it from a distance. You will find the option called Enable lock and erase there. Activate it via the website. The button also allows you to return back all the settings the manufacturer provided without leaving any personal data there.

You can also use a smart speaker to track the phone. To do it, pick Google Assistant or Google Home and go to Google. Ask the system: Hey Google, where is my phone? The speaker has to ring the device so you can hear it. This method is helpful if you lost your phone at your home, somewhere under the cushions, or in the other room.

Stay Connected to Your Phone

We don’t know when we will be searching for the phone. This is why it is important to follow some preventive measures indicated above. Make sure you can easily find your phone.

Have you ever lost your phone and found it later? Which system did you use? Express your thoughts in the comments below.