Easy Way to Organize Photos on iPhone

  • 16-02-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

It is so simple to take photos with an iPhone, you don’t even think twice about it. Yet, to organize them in the perfect order you need is not that pure fun. Still, you can find a perfect solution for this job. You don’t even need to hire an assistant for this, even if your library is giant and looks like Narnia once you enter it. Read these helpful recommendations.

Steps to Perfection

Organize your photos on your iPhone in a moment. Read the instructions so you can be able to find any photo you need on your phone. To do this you have to follow the next steps:

  1. Get rid of photos you don’t need. There is a lot of junk you may don’t even remember to put there. If you realize you don’t need these photos, just delete them. Use the Gemini Photos app to help you with it. It will quickly scan through photos and find duplicates, notes, screenshots, and photos of bad quality. There may be similar-looking pictures you don’t need at all. Move to trash copies you don’t need, keeping the high-quality ones. Don’t forget to empty the trash bin after;

  2. Delete photo albums that you don’t need. You have to go to the Photos app and open the Album tab. There you see the albums of different periods of time. If you don’t need some of them, just delete them. Some albums may be created by apps like Snapchat or Whatsapp. You don’t need them at all;

  3. Put the photos you want to protect or hide in a hidden album. There is an optional service that iPhone offers. You can hide pictures you need in the album secured from others. All you need is to tap the Share icon in the right bottom of the image, and pick Hide on the list;

  4. Place photos in the appropriate albums. If you don’t want to lose your photos again, you have to place them in the album you can easily find. It may take some time to organize the thousands of photos you have, but it is worth it. In the end, it will save time. Create albums with descriptive names. Find pictures you want to add and tap them to select. Press the Share icon so you can add it to the album.

Adding photos to Favorites

You can gather your favorite pictures in one place. Follow the next steps for it:

  • Decide which photo you want to add there and pick it, using the Photos app;

  • Find the icon with the heart at the bottom of the screen and tap it;

  • The photo will be saved in the album Favorites.

Albums by location

Here is another way to organize your albums. If you are an experienced traveler, you may have lots of pictures with different locations. The best way to see them is to put them in specific albums. This is how you can do it:

  • Use the Search tab, which is placed in the Photos app bottom;

  • Name the location in the search bar;

  • Now tap See All and press Select;

  • Select pictures you need in this album;

  • Press icon Share. It will open the menu where you can press Add to Album. Press the New Album there;

  • Now you can name the album, before you press Save. The best option is to name it based on the location and time you’ve been there. If you want to add pictures there you can always do it by repeating all the steps again, without tapping the icon New Album. Pick the existing album you want to save photos in.

If you don’t want to save the photos by location, you can do it by time, people with you, events, or any specific theme. It can be the birthday of your granny you don’t want to forget. Once it is in the folder, you can share photos with others.

Memorable Photos on iPhone

Don’t forget to do backups and save the most important photos in the cloud storage. Check out whether they are saved. If you don’t want to lose them, it is better to organize the space so you can find anything in less than a minute. If you have more to say, you can do it in the comments. How many photos do you keep on your iPhone? Do you use folders for them? You may answer these questions below.