Simple Tips for Organizing Google Photos

  • 23-03-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Google Photos isn’t just a boring built-in app. It’s a simple and clear tool with many possibilities for organizing content. Here are just a few of our favorite techniques.

1. Tags on Photos

Take full advantage of Google’s machine learning capabilities. Tag people and pets on photos, and AI will collect all the materials with the tagged ones. To do it, activate the Face Grouping feature in the settings.

2. Space Saving

To prevent photos from taking up too much space on your device, compress them. Changes will be that noticeable. Find the “Backup & Sync” tab in the settings, click “Upload Size,” and choose one of the options.

3. Photo Search

Through the search bar for a keyword or phrase, you can find photos from a friend’s wedding or pictures with Wi-Fi passwords in seconds. AI recognizes captured objects well, but sometimes errors occur.

4. Scanning

Powerful Google Lens technology allows you to recognize many objects. You can use it for various purposes: identifying a plant type, solving mathematical equations, translating texts, etc.

5. Auto-Updating Collections

After you have mastered the tagging tool, you can create collections with people and pets, which will automatically be replenished with new pictures. Just make a new album, choose tagged people, and fresh images appear here without your participation.

6. Animations and Collages

Google Photos also offers simple photo and video editing tools. You can use them to create collages, slideshows, and animations and add music to them.

7. Locked Folders

You can create a locked folder if you have materials that you don’t want to share with anyone. This feature prevents screenshots and content sharing and deletes photos after changing devices.

8. Background Blur

Android devices offer background blur right when taking a selfie. But you can do it even on the finished photo. In the list of tools, find the “Blur” option and adjust the amount of blur.

9. Shared Albums

You and your friends to whom you give access can use such collections. They can upload their pictures to them and edit the existing ones. An album can be shared via the “Share” button.

Did you know about these features? Which ones have you already used?