iOS 16: Explore Privacy and Security Features

  • 31-08-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Any devices are recommended to be updated regularly in the first place to get access to the fresh security and privacy instruments. iPhones are no exception, and the latest iOS 16 is worth getting on your gadgets. Here’s a quick look at the new features and tools to help protect your sensitive data.

Safety Check

Do you know how many apps on your device and people in your contacts have access to your location? If you’re not vigilant about this setting, then you’ll definitely like the “Safety Check.” Thanks to it, you can quickly get a complete list of options that have access to your location or completely reset all settings. According to the developers, this feature can be especially useful for victims of domestic violence.

Emergency Reset

Emergency Reset is a kind of extension of the previous tool. It allows you to stop sharing literally everything that you could share with services, applications, or people in a couple of taps. By using it, you also reset your ID and emergency contacts so that no one else can access your profile.

Manage Sharing

The previous two functions are designed for emergency and extreme situations when you need to block access to critical information instantly. If you have time to study and think about access rights, use Manage Sharing. It will give you a complete overview of everything you share and with whom. This way, you can limit access to your records item by item and manage third-party applications. With this tool, you can also find out which devices you have used your iCloud on and sign out if necessary.

Rapid Security Response

In previous operating system versions, all privacy and security updates were directly dependent on general updates. Starting from the 16th edition, you will receive such innovations even without updating your system. It allows you to receive critical improvements if you do not yet have the opportunity to update the entire device. You can turn it off in the settings if you don’t need it.


According to Apple developers, Passkeys are a modern and improved alternative to the regular passwords you use to sign in to websites and apps. From this update, they will be applied everywhere. For a common user, the process of logging in on platforms will not change significantly. However, internal mechanisms will provide a higher level of protection since they will generate unique passwords that can only be accessed through your Face and Touch IDs.

Apple is partnering with other tech giants like Google and Microsoft to implement this innovation. Thanks to this alliance, the use of Passkeys will soon be possible on any device and platform from various manufacturers.

Lockdown Mode

If you’re a journalist, activist, or protestor, you’ll like the Lockdown Mode. This new tool blocks and restricts many features of the apps installed on your device, preventing snooping and malware installation. For example, people not added to your contact list won’t be able to make video calls to you, some attachments won’t be able to be sent to you, you’ll get limited web browsing, and so on. The Lockdown Mode is disabled by default, but you can enable it in the settings.

Other Updates

Other innovations on iOS 16 include the addition of landscape mode to unlock your device and apps with Face ID. Also, now apps have to ask for your “explicit permission” to use some features (like copy or paste). And opening Recently Deleted and Hidden albums will be available with biometrics only.

Please tell us in the comments which new tools impressed you the most. And don’t forget to share this overview with your friends so they can be aware of what’s new in iOS.