Apple Maps & Weather Show Crimea as Ukraine

  • 07-03-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Apple changed the way Apple Maps and Weather apps display Crimea. Before the military conflict, Apple didn’t display Crimea as a part of any country for users outside Russia. Now all the users outside the country can view Crimea as a part of Ukraine. 

Cutting The Ties

On the wave of Russian aggression in Ukraine, international companies, including Apple are doing everything they can to distance Russia as much as possible. While Apple isn’t going to block its services in the country yet, it shows its political position to worldwide users by calling things what they are. However, Russia’s state laws are very strict, so the company was pushed to comply and display Crimea as part of Russia to Russian users. The company states that the decision was made based on an analysis of the US and international laws. As the company plans to retain the work of its services in Russia, it doesn’t change the Crimea status in Maps and Weather for Russian users. Fortunately, the information is updated for users from all other countries of the world. The Google Maps app is still displaying Crimea as a neutral region for non-Russian users. 

As for more notable measures, Apple has stopped all its sales in Russia and removed all the Russian state media apps from the App Store for users outside Russia. Apple Pay was also disabled in the country due to the recent US and EU sanctions and Russia’s Central Bank restrictions. Mac and iPhone users still receive system and app updates anyway, but many users disable them to avoid further potential blockages. 

More to Come

Although so many sanctions and restrictions have been imposed against Russia during the last 2 weeks, more of them are on the schedule of the US and EU governments. What new sanctions would you suggest? Express your opinion in the comments and share this article with others on social media.