Brand Clothing Store for Avatars by Meta

  • 26-06-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Mark Zuckerberg has officially announced the launch of Meta’s avatar clothing store. Now all users of the company’s products can dress their digital versions in fashion items from Prada, Balenciaga, and Thom Browne. These brands were directly involved in the launch of the project. However, the collection won’t be limited to them. According to the creators, the store will be an open marketplace where creators will be able to present their products.

More popular brands are planned to be added shortly. Users will have excellent opportunities for self-expression with the help of high-quality rendered clothes and accessories. They can be used for avatars on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. How exactly access to the goods will be arranged is not yet explained. It is also not yet clear how much such products will cost exactly. According to preliminary information, the price of one item will not exceed $9.

Users from four countries will become the first buyers: the USA, Mexico, Thailand, and Canada. Of course, the geography will also increase along with the expansion of the range. Recall that Meta is not the first company to launch a clothing store in collaboration with major brands. A similar option is available to Roblox users, and trendy skins appear in Fortnite from time to time, for example, hoodies from the already mentioned Balenciaga.

In preparation for the launch of the store, Meta converted the avatars on its platforms to 3D, as well as added different skin tones, more facial expressions, and assistive devices like wheelchairs and hearing aids. You can reportedly have one avatar for all Meta products or design three unique ones for each platform.

How do you feel about the idea of ​​branded clothing for avatars? Do you consider this a step towards eCommerce development or just entertainment for rich people?