Catch the Apex Legend Mobile Wave

  • 26-05-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

The mobile version of the acclaimed Apex Legend is already available for download on portable devices. Since February, the project has been in beta testing and available only to selected Android users from some countries. Since last week, all fans of the battle royale shooter can see how good the adaptation of this genre for mobile devices is.

This version retains the key game feature: participants do not use the same characters but have the opportunity to choose their own legend with a unique set of skills. Since Apex Legend involves a team walkthrough, the ping system, which is familiar to many, also remains here, which allows participants to communicate with each other. In the mobile edition, you can find both your favorite characters and maps, as well as new legends and locations unique to portable devices and not available on PCs. The gameplay has generally remained the same, and it fits surprisingly well into the small screens of smartphones and tablets.

To play on Android devices, you need: operating system version 6.0 or later, 3+ GB of RAM, 4+ GB of free space memory, and the Mediatek Helio P20, Snapdragon 435, Exynos 7420, or Hisilicon Kirin 650 processor. iPadOS/iOS owners should have at least the OS version 11.0, an A9 processor, 2+ GB of RAM, and 4+ GB of free space on the device's memory. Also, note that the game will not run on older gadgets. You can only use it on iPhone 6S and later. Although the project supports cross-platform play, mobile platforms are not included here. It was done to create a healthier competitive environment, as touchscreen owners do not have the same control advantages as a keyboard and mouse.

If you have already had the opportunity to try out the mobile version, please share your thoughts. How does a massive battle royale look on the small screen? How convenient are the controls and mechanics?