Get in Shape With These Top Weight Loss Apps

  • 25-06-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Many services can help you get in shape and start living a healthier life. We have picked the 15 best apps that you should pay attention to in 2022.

1. Lose It!

This service helps you count calories and provides the ideal daily portion depending on your height, activity, age, etc. The food you’ve entered is displayed on a handy chart that gives you a clear view of everything you eat and how it affects your weight.

2. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is another calorie manager with perhaps one of the most extensive products and ready meals libraries. Its main goal is to make you healthy, not just thin. Therefore, you can additionally synchronize it with a wearable device and workout.

3. SparkPeople

In addition to counting calories by adding the foods you eat, you can also track how much energy you’ve burned through exercise. The app has a collection of cardio and strength training.

4. Fat Secret

It is the simplest calorie tracker, which does not have complex features. At the same time, it has all the necessary tools to keep fit: a calorie chart, a food diary, healthy recipes, and a community of like-minded people.

5. Fitbit

Fitbit is your daily activity companion. You can use it separately and synchronize it with many portable devices. Conveniently, you can enter training information manually if you forget to take your smartphone with you.

6. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is a great platform for all running and jogging addicts. You can set multiple goals, create a workout schedule, and track your progress. If you have wearable devices, sync them with the app to get more accurate information.

7. Fooducate

This app doesn’t just count calories based on the foods you’ve consumed but helps you find other metrics like vitamin content and hidden ingredients. Since health is also affected by sleep, hunger, and mood swings, Fooducate helps track these factors.

8. DietBet

The service perfectly motivates users for group weight loss. If you lose a certain amount of pounds in the allotted time, you will receive money. Unfortunately, other parameters are not considered apart from weight, e.g., the fat to muscle ratio.

9. Wholesome

Wholesome help you design a diet based on the food calories, nutrients, and vitamins. So this app is not about shedding extra pounds but maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the extensive library of recipes, you save time searching for the right dishes.

10. PEAR

This paid service gives users access to real-time workouts. Programs are not only tailored to your parameters and goals but also adapt to your performance as you move forward. Sessions have a very different focus, from HIIT to yoga.

11. YouAte

YouAte focuses not on accurate calorie counting but on your feelings when you eat a particular product. Conscious eating is the key to good health and appearance. The app helps you connect the foods you’ve eaten with your emotions to modify your habits.

12. Noom

It is another service that teaches you to have a healthy relationship with food and not be afraid to eat “something wrong.” There are classic functions for recording products and counting calories, as well as psychological techniques.

13. Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel combines yoga, meditation practices, cardio, and strength training. You can choose sessions depending on your goals or how much time you are ready to spend working out today.

14. Seconds

Seconds is a great collection of circuit and interval workouts. There are ready-made templates for developing your sessions. A convenient timer and tips will make your every workout comfortable.

15. Couch to 5K

It is another service for those who want to get in shape through running. It’s great for beginner athletes as it aims to help you develop the healthy habit of jogging regularly. It motivates you to get out and devote at least an hour a week to this activity.

What weight management services do you prefer? Please tell us about your favorite apps in the comments!