Google Meet Gets New Security and Co-Host Settings

  • 25-04-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

The Google Meet service has gained particular popularity since the onset of the pandemic. It was used more often than other platforms for educational events and business meetings in an online format. Google regularly adds interesting features to its product to keep the public interested. On April 20th, the global rollout of the recent update began, making the service even more convenient. Such innovations are relevant, as the work-from-home format is still maintained in many companies, even though the authorities in some countries are gradually easing anti-covid restrictions.

The developers talked about what they have been working on lately on their blog. With the latest update, users can co-host during a meeting. It is an extremely important and convenient feature that allows hosts to assign their assistants. They should help organize conferences and ensure that everything is in order from the technical side. Co-hosts also have the opportunity to manage security settings at their disposal: turn off chats, block participants' microphones, prohibit screen sharing, and much more.

The main host should activate the corresponding option for additional hosts to have full control over the conference. All settings you set are saved for recurring sessions, but you can manually change them. Now, this tool allows you to assign up to 25 co-hosts. Currently, the opportunity to add co-hosts is only available on premium accounts like Enterprise Essentials and Standard, Business Standard and Plus, Education Standard and Plus, etc. The developers plan to expand access to the new tool and add other workspace editions.

Please share your experience with Google Meet. Do you plan to use enhanced co-hosting options? What other features would you like to improve?