Google Offers Lens Image Search on Home Page

  • 09-11-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

Google makes a generous offer to its users by putting the Lens search of images on the home page. It will allow you to start advanced recognition of images and search the tech from the search box. The new option is more comfortable for anyone who works with Google and needs to gather information via image search.

Google is actively working on the integration of Lens image recognition service into the Home page. Previously the company successfully integrated the search into several products. You may have seen it on Google Photos, as well as Chrome. Now Google wants to make it more visible to users. The Lens button appeared on the home page, right in the search bar. Rajan Patel, the vice president of Google’s engineering department that is in charge of Lens and Search, says that this change is huge. He underlined that Google Home does not change much in the years. It can stay unchanged for a long time before the new beneficial feature comes out and Google decides that it is worthy to be placed on the first page.

You can click on the Lens button which looks like a small camera painted in the colors of Google. You will be asked to copy past the URL of the image or upload it from your device. After you download it, you will see a page with similar results all over it. The service offers you to search for similar photos and find out their origin if you are doubtful. You can dig deeper to find out the very first image and its source. Google Image provides you with information about this picture if it is possible. You can take a photo or scan the picture you need to be recognized. If you upload pictures of animals or plants, Google offers you details on the species.

What do you think about Lens? Have you ever tried it at work? Share your thoughts with others in the comments below.