How to Become the Best in Apex Legends Mobile

  • 10-07-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

The massive battle royale game Apex Legends has moved beyond consoles and PC to portable devices. The mobile version is just as good as its original. If you have not yet appreciated all its splendor, we tell you where to start to become the best in the shortest possible time.

Choose a Legend

“Legends” are characters with unique features and skills in this game. You need to carefully study the descriptions of each to understand which of them best suits your style. Test your favorite characters on the battlefield if you prefer a more hands-on approach. Here’s who you have to choose from:

  • Bangalore is for those who are not used to retreat. She is on the offensive, can run under a hail of bullets, and use Rolling Thunder, destroying enemies and sending fog.
  • Bloodhound is suitable for those who are into exploration. He detects enemies and traps, moves quickly through the terrain, and even highlights enemy tracks.
  • Caustic protects your team with poisonous gas. He is not slowed by bullets and takes 15% less damage than usual.
  • Fade, stepping on opponents, can manipulate dimensions. He can teleport himself and transport allies to the Void. It is an exclusive Legend that is not available on consoles.
  • Gibraltar can create protective shields and block incoming damage, and with the help of Defensive Bombardment, destroys and stuns opponents.
  • Lifelines. The name speaks for itself. She heals the team from wounds and can even revive the fighters. She uses drones and capsules with advanced equipment.
  • Loba helps the team get better loot. She sees rare items through walls and informs players of her find. She can teleport and provide weapons to teammates.
  • Mirage is another offensive character that can generate holograms to mislead enemies. He can also hide and place baits.
  • Octane is an offensive but mobile fighter. He regenerates health when he takes no damage. He can provide the team with a device for double jumps.
  • Pathfinder is a scout who is the best at navigating the terrain. He uses beacons, hooks, and ziplines to reach his destination faster.
  • Wraith is another character that can manipulate dimensions. She can dodge attacks by receiving warnings about them and moving her team through portals.

Earn experience points to unlock more characters. You can get XPs for good performance during fights, opening crates, and completing quests.

Camera and Modes

You can customize the camera position based on your preference (and experience). There are two options here: first person and third person. Participants with the same settings enter the same battlefield. The first option is more familiar, but the second gives you more visibility and flexibility. Six game modes (including training) and a battle pass provide you with access to unique missions, for which you receive excellent cosmetic items.

Basic Recommendations for Rookies

While the Legend choice plays a key role, some tactics are common to all characters:

  • Remember that items drop randomly during looting. Explore everything around carefully to find what you need.
  • Want to pick up weapons and other items quickly? Activate auto-pickup!
  • Rare objects are always better; opt for gold, purple, or blue ones.
  • Covers will not save you from the impending circle. Always move around the map.
  • Work in a team. Inform your mates about your plans and finds.
  • Don’t forget to finish off the enemies, even if they are already on the ground.
  • Combine sliding and jumping for better maneuverability and speed.

Please share your professional tips if you have already tried Apex Legends Mobile! Which character do you like best? What life hacks have you developed yourself?