Latest News about Telegram Premium

  • 02-05-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Telegram is a convenient and free messaging service. Since its launch, everyone has been able to use it absolutely free of charge. However, recently, information began to appear about launching a paid Premium version with advanced functionality. So far, there are no details about new features and tools. But it became known that the messenger would get awesome stickers and reactions.

Telegram Beta, which is closely following all the changes, found elements in beta version 8.7.2 that were marked as premium. Users with paid accounts will be able to share reactions and stickers the way they use other emojis. Those who do not have a subscription will not be able to utilize them or even view them. Instead, they will be prompted to get the paid version. Besides, premium accounts will receive a tiny star symbol next to their contact names.

Among other potential updates, Telegram Beta noted the work on the avatar creator. It is currently only available in beta for macOS devices. According to reports, it will allow you to create patterned avatars by combining emojis, gradients, stickers, etc. How exactly this tool will be implemented in the messenger is not yet clear. But it will definitely take user creativity to the next level.

The paid edition of the app is now in public beta, and any testers can try it, which could mean it could be launched any time soon. However, no official comments have yet been received on what exactly will be offered to users for extra money. It is also unclear how much such a subscription will cost and whether it will have different tiers.

Do you think Telegram should implement such a monetization system? Will it be successful? While there are no details on advanced features yet, would you like to purchase a premium subscription?