Massive Update of Carousels on LinkedIn

  • 24-08-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Relatively recently, the business platform LinkedIn launched a new ad format called “Carousels.” The developers have improved it, making it more convenient and giving users more options for posting content.

Creators and companies have gained new opportunities through which they can introduce users to their content. Now you can add clickable links to your content in Carousels (both photos and videos). Thus, you will redirect viewers to your website, newsletter, or other main resources. It allows you to introduce interested potential customers to your activities or products. Please be aware that some characters in your URL may not display correctly on certain devices.

Templates are another fantastic addition to Carousels. They are really what this format lacked to speed up your work. Now you can use pre-made forms or customize your own by changing the background and font and attaching clickable links. Hopefully, the developers will add more options for creating custom templates, as the Carousels feature is reported to be getting more changes shortly.

By the way, this update is largely due to users’ requests. The fact is that the developers noticed that creators often tried to use a separate page for each of their documents. To do it, they had to take several complex steps, which made the process of creating advertising Carousels quite tricky. LinkedIn has gone the extra mile and made the process much more convenient. The latest update began to take effect last week and will become available in different regions gradually.

If you have already tested Carousels, please share your thoughts. How convenient and effective is this advertising format for your business? What tools would you add to create templates?