Meta Changes Its Strategy Towards WhatsApp

  • 07-11-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

It looks like Meta changes its view on the way WhatsApp can be used by businesses. During the last update of performance, Meta underlined that paid messaging is their new main concept. The company believes that this service will lead them to new highs, helping to solve the problem with money and the growth of the audience. The new update was revealed after the market numbers showed an enormous rise in the audience on WhatsApp in North America.

The main reason for this unpredictable growth is the change in social media interactions. People are shifting from sharing updates in their news feeds to private messaging groups. While it was highly important for users before to attract the attention of all their subscribers via news feeds, it looks like this desire has changed. Now they prefer to share personal information or thoughts within enclosed groups that usually contain friends and family members inside. This trend has been already noticed by Instagram and Facebook. Apparently, both social networks decided to change the focus in the main feed from friends’ posts to entertainment. Personal engagement among users slowly went to the chats and closed groups.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, noticed this situation in August. During his interview, he said that users began to use messengers to share updates about their lives while leaving the news feeds for content that entertains them. Millions of Facebook may have noticed that this social network began to add a wide range of news and posts from the groups they have not been signed up for.

This is the signal for businesses that have to change their previous approach. WhatsApp can help with more personal messaging according to Meta. The company shares tips for such occasions.

What do you think about the new concept? Do you believe that WhatsApp can be more helpful for marketers? Express your thoughts below.