New Rumors About Tweet Editing

  • 18-04-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Probably almost all Twitter users have asked developers about the opportunity to edit tweets. Last year it became known that they are finally working on this tool. However, it has not become publicly available to date, and we only have rumors and various testers’ assumptions at our disposal. So, for example, this week, there was information that users would see the full history of editing instead of getting a replaced version with the corrected text.

The developer and blogger Jane Manchun Wong posted a tweet suggesting that the edit function simply creates a new, corrected version and publishes it along with the previous one. It is clearly not what many users dreamed of. It is not yet clear whether all versions of one tweet will be shown to subscribers or whether they will be available exclusively to a page owner. We doubt that the option in which all your edits are visible to subscribers will appeal to many. Although, creating multiple messages with the same ID will be a definite nightmare for the Twitter caching system.

By the way, another app researcher, Alessandro Paluzzi, posted a screenshot with the edit button in his tweet. He didn’t accompany it with any useful message explaining its work. However, the new tool will be added below the menu button with three dots judging by the image. The blogger said that he had not found any time limits for editing so far in the comments. In general, until the long-awaited function becomes public, we can only guess about its final version and how it will work in practice.

Are you looking forward to this feature as much as we are? Which option would you prefer: delete a tweet with errors or typos and post a new one (as in the current app version) or have multiple versions on your feed? In our opinion, both options are extremely inconvenient.