Questionable Cheapness of Verizon’s New Plans

  • 24-10-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

The telecommunication company Verizon has introduced new prepaid tariffs. According to representatives, they have become cheaper, but if you delve into the calculations, it turns out that everything is completely different.

Last week, Verizon released updated phone plans that appear to be of better value at first glance. If you just look at the prices, then, for example, the 15 GB plan is actually $5 cheaper than the previous option. However, behind this apparent reduction in price is a revision of the discount system and loyalty program, which is why everything remains the same. In fact, the basic plan cost (the cheapest one) stays the same.

Previously, the company offered discounts on next month’s automatic payment and an additional loyalty discount if you used its services for at least ten months. Thus, if you chose Unlimited Plus, you could earn a total of $15 off the plan’s cost of $75. According to the new billing, this plan costs $60, which generally leaves loyal users with the same amount to pay.

It does not mean that Verizon has completely abandoned the discount system. You can still reduce the tariff cost with automatic payment for the next period and get a regular customer discount. However, it is no longer possible to combine these two options. That is, the company uses a visible reduction in the cost as a marketing ploy to attract customers but does not advertise changes in the discount policy, leaving the actual prices the same.

Fortunately, this process has had positive changes. For example, every plan now includes incoming and outgoing messages and calls to Canada and Mexico. Previously, only premium accounts received such opportunities; they were not included in the base rates.

Of course, such a trick with tariffs cannot be called fraud since all the information is freely available, and everyone can calculate the final cost. However, it is a great reminder for all of us to read the fine print in contracts. What do you think of Verizon’s new plans?