Russia Wants to Ease Piracy of Games

  • 16-03-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

The Russian government is putting forward a bill to relax the rules related to intellectual property rights to minimize the impact of sanctions imposed by the West. It effectively means that legal piracy is taking place on the territory of the country. Western sanctions against Russian elites and various financial institutions have been imposed to exert pressure to end the war on Ukraine.

Russia Put Forward a Bill

As the situation shows, Russia aims to mitigate the consequences of sanctions. The Ministry of Economic Development put forward the idea of lifting the restrictions imposed on intellectual property. Thus, the Russian authorities want to minimize the economic impact of the supply gap and the emerging deficit in services and goods.

In this way, Russian companies will be removed from responsibility and monetary compensation for the use of the intellectual property of those countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia. Dmitry Ionin, a Russian politician, proposed to unblock RuTracker, which would allow Russian citizens to pirate foreign films.

Cinema Leaves the Russian Market

These actions are associated with the suspension of film screenings from Hollywood companies such as Disney and Sony Pictures. Warner Bros. also refused to show its new pictures on the territory of Russia. The premiere of the 'Batman' films was to take place in March this year. The companies announced that they had stopped cooperation in connection with the Moscow invasion of Ukraine.

Major cinema companies said that all planned releases would be canceled, and forces would be directed to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees from Ukraine. What do you think about this situation? Feel free to leave your comments below and share this article with friends!