Share YouTube Videos on Snapchat in Seconds

  • 04-04-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

All Snapchat users have received a very convenient app integration with the YouTube service, thanks to which it has become even easier to share their favorite videos. Now, when you watch a YouTube clip, you can share it on Snaps or Stories in seconds using the Share feature and the Snapchat camera. No more complicated manipulations with copying links. A couple of taps, and your subscribers are watching the same thing as you.

When you post a video you like on your profile, it will be added to your Stories or Snaps as stickers. By clicking on the link below, your viewers will be taken to the main YouTube page. Depending on the particular device settings, they may be transferred to the application or the service’s web version. This feature has been implemented in apps on both iOS and Android gadgets. It is already available in some countries and is gradually rolling out globally. If you don’t see it yet, update the app.

To share any content, you need to open YouTube on your device, find the video you want, and launch it. Tap the “Share” button with the right arrow to open a menu with all available options. Select “Snapchat” to open the app’s camera. The video you want to share with the world will be displayed as an animated sticker on top of the main image. It looks like a mini version of the YouTube player. Use any effects and filters to make your post even more creative. When done, save the result by clicking on the camera icon.

It’s much faster and easier than copying and pasting the video URLs. Recall that earlier Snapchat developers have implemented integration with YouTube Music, which allows you to share your favorite tracks. Now, these same opportunities have touched videos. We hope Snapchat will continue to delight us with collaborations with other services. What integration would you like to see next?