Spotify Leaves Russia Due to New Law

  • 30-03-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

In early March, Russia passed a law aimed at combating the spread of disinformation about the military actions on the territory of Ukraine. It means a ban on reporting events that can discredit the troops. Literally, military censorship has been introduced in the country. The authorities from within block access to some of what they consider unreliable resources. In addition to that, some platforms leave the country due to fear for their employees and customers and potential lawsuits.

After the Russian invasion, Spotify closed its office and prohibited users of the country from signing up for premium subscriptions, but now this service is completely leaving the region. The company representatives did not specify how long the platform will suspend its work but stressed that they understand the importance of access for Russian residents to honest and independent news. At the same time, the new law simply left them no choice since hosts, staff, and listeners are at risk of being convicted.

The Spotify app is still available on digital stores but will be removed soon. It is assumed that the service will cease to operate in early April, although the exact date is not specified. Perhaps, the company will make a statement on this matter later. Whether customers will be able to use their subscriptions until the end of their validity (like Netflix) is also not yet clear.

More than 200 companies have left Russia or suspended their work in the region. Among them are many popular streaming services like Disney+ and Netflix (we are talking not only about watching but also making films with the participation of local companies and actors), as well as other entertainment platforms, social networks, and video game stores.

Do you follow the development of the situation in Ukraine, Russia, and the world? Will the withdrawal of large companies from the Russian market help stop the war?