TikTok Takes Over E-commerce With Live Streaming

  • 25-10-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

Many services adopt the TikTok functionality and implement tools for working with short videos on their platforms. That is why the company is looking for new ways of development. According to analysts, developers are now actively promoting e-commerce through live streams.

Previously, experts have already discussed this TikTok initiative and their assessments were varied. Some considered it quite successful, while others wrote that the service would not be able to repeat the success in selling things it experienced in Asia. There were even reports that TikTok allegedly abandoned development plans in this direction due to the failure among the British audience.

However, recent news shows that the pause was temporary, and it is likely that the developers took this break to evaluate the results and redirect efforts. Live shopping is reportedly returning to the US ahead of the holiday season. Brands and creators can use this opportunity to sell their products. According to the Semafor report, an initiative to attract and train manufacturers called “Project Aquaman” already has about 20 partners (including Chinese companies and American startups). Streamers learn to plan content posts, prepare relevant content, and host influencers.

TikTok deepening into the e-commerce sphere is confirmed by recent recruitment announcements. Positions include employees in order processing, shipping, returns, and so on. From them, we can conclude that the company plans to create fulfillment hubs in the United States. Also, recent analyzes show that TikTok is not going just to sell goods. The company helps influencers and creators grow their audience, create engaging content, and incentivize viewers to tip.

Thus, this entertainment platform can seriously compete with global tech giants and get new sources of income. Do you watch live streams on TikTok? Are you ready to buy goods through this service?