TikTok’s Security Chief Resigns

  • 01-08-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

In accordance with the team behind TikTok, Roland Cloutier, the service’s global security chief, responsible for dealing with online security issues, has recently resigned. Short video platform representatives vaguely claim this change took place when the process of restructuring US-based user data operation kickstarted, adding that the man will eventually stay on the company’s strategic advisory scene. Keep reading this post if you’re interested in further details on the news.

Cloutier's step-down is followed by concerns about how the company manages US audience data. In accordance with the tech giant’s recent confession, TikTok staff members outside the US could access that data, although it did (allegedly) entail some sort of digital security controls and authorization procedures.

With that said, Cloutier’s departure from the position in question is meant to be one of a multitude of measures taken to ensure maximum user data protection. According to the man, he’s not familiar with the new team assigned to monitor US user data security. Also, he added that his resignation is in no way linked to lawmakers’ concerns over US user's personal data security. Meanwhile, a few days ago, Italy’s data protection authority warned the company that it was breaking the existing privacy protection rules. So much for the coincidence…

Upon resigning as global CSO, Cloutier will take on the role of TikTok’s strategic adviser, which basically means he will stay among the company’s senior leaders — good for him. Kim Albarella, who previously worked for ADP, will serve as interim head of Global Security. Have anything to say or ask on the topic? Does TikTok still take up all of your time? Speak up in the comment box below. We appreciate your two cents immensely.