Top 10 Frequently Used Emojis on 2022

  • 22-08-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

Emoji are an integral part of our daily communication. Often the combination of these pictures can be used like a whole language. There are rare characters that are used only occasionally and those that can be seen in almost every dialogue. So, what emojis have been sent by users most often over the past six months?

1. Tears of Joy

Let’s start with the winners. Sobbing with joy emoji became the leader of the list. It shows the depth of the emotions you are experiencing and is often used as a finisher for jokes and teasing. By the way, in the mid-2010s, it was also quite mainstream, which shows the users’ constancy. Do not confuse this emoji with a crying face.

2. Weeping Face

An emoji with an open mouth and streams of tears flowing from the eyes like waterfalls took first place last year. Probably, people began to feel a little happier, so this symbol has moved down the list. Although emoji can be used in sad messages, it is often sent to express users overwhelmed with emotions of joy that are difficult to cope with.

3. Red Heart

A neat red heart always makes it to lists of commonly used emojis. Its meaning is clear without further ado, and it is used to express love, affection, approval, support, and other bright feelings. Although there are hearts in other colors on different platforms, users are more likely to choose the red ones.


The emoji rolling with laughter and crying at the same time quite accurately expresses how we feel after a good joke. At the same time, it is pretty often used as a reaction to the stupidity said or written, that is, as sarcasm or irony.

5. Fire

Along with the heart, this symbol does not need additional explanation. This emoji is used to endorse someone or show that you are “on fire.” Often it is also sent in messages as compliments (obviously when you are too lazy to type a long sentence).

6. Emoji With Heart-Shaped Eyes

The in-love emoji can express several positive emotions at once: approval, love, and passion. If you see something on the Internet that makes you excited (a photo, person, music, cake, and so on), it’s time to send that face to that user.

7. Pleading Face

A face with big round puppy-dog eyes gives you the opportunity to beg your friend for everything you need. Well, how can anyone refuse it? By the way, there are quite a few options for using this emoji. You can also send it when you are upset, worried about something, or when you want to show support.

8. Face Surrounded by Hearts

The emoji surrounded by tiny hearts can convey your love and affection for your partner even from a distance. Unlike some other symbols, the essence of this face is quite clear, and it is used for its intended purpose.

9. Folded Hands

Two hands folded in the form of a praying symbol are also used quite often. You can see it in messages filled with hope, gratitude, sometimes praise, and even just a positive vibe. By the way, this image can sometimes be interpreted as a “high-five.”

10. Sparkles

It is one of the most unusual emojis on our list. Last year it was used much more often, but now it has fallen to the very last place. With it, you can express excitement about an event, emphasize the brilliant novelty of something, and add fabulousness to everyday dialog. Depending on the context, this emoji can be interpreted as irony.

As you can see, the list of the ten most frequently used emojis has not changed much since last year. Some of them have switched positions (up or down), but the list has generally remained unchanged. Do you agree with the fact that the “tears of joy” emoji took first place? Which of the described emojis do you use? What symbols would you add to this list?