Twitter Forces Share Tweets and Links Instead of Screenshots

  • 12-10-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Users of Twitter and iOS devices, when trying to take a screenshot of the feed, are prompted (or, rather, forced) to generate a link to the desired tweet or repost it. The company is probably trying to increase reader engagement in this way.

Twitter has been known to restrict the use of its platform to unregistered users. That is why many who have accounts take screenshots to share information from Twitter on other services. For some time now, such users have started reporting that when they try to take a screenshot, they get a pop-up window with two options: share the tweet or use a link to do so.

At the moment, only selected users of iOS gadgets receive such an offer. As it turned out, this feature is still in the testing process, which is why not all Twitter readers can see it. The pop-up should increase user engagement by getting them to use every tweet's basic buttons. Besides, this approach can force those who do not have accounts on the platform yet to register to get full access to the tweets. It is likely the platform’s last steps to improve its image before being taken over by Elon Musk.

Already, users have the opportunity to share their favorite posts from Twitter in their Stories on their Instagram profiles. However, at the same time, viewers cannot tap on it and go to Twitter. As we know, now the developers work on the “Try Twitter” function, which will allow unregistered readers to view posts. If they want to get full access to the platform’s features, for example, subscribe to updates or repost some information, they will have to register.

How do you feel about this attempt by Twitter to increase user engagement? Do you think the pop-up is redundant? What do you think the developers could change to get more attention from the audience instead?