WhatsApp Plans to Bring Back Camera Shortcut

  • 29-08-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

The previous messenger update replaced the camera shortcut, convenient for many, with the “Communities” tab. Now the developers are working on bringing this tool back to improve the user experience, at least in the Android version.

The camera shortcut has undergone several changes in the last few WhatsApp updates. In the latter one, it was removed entirely from the app. Obviously, such changes were not to the liking of all the messenger clients. After all, opening the camera in one motion was convenient for capturing some memorable moments. According to the WABetaInfo portal, which carefully monitors all the innovations, the developers plan to return this shortcut as a button in the interface’s upper right corner. According to the source, it is scheduled to be done in one of the future updates.

Like the camera shortcut, the “Communities” tab is an essential element of WhatsApp. It is obvious that the developers are puzzling over how to combine these two buttons on the main screen so as not to worsen the user experience. This innovation will likely go through several stages of change before it falls into the hands of beta testers.

Among other updates that are planned in WhatsApp, it is worth noting a tool to see the status of your contacts quickly. Although this feature is not as necessary as the camera shortcut return, it still improves the convenience of communication. After its implementation, you will be able to see the status update of your friends by tapping once on their profiles. If you do not need it, just disable this update in the settings.

This feature will soon be available to beta testers. However, it is not yet clear when it will reach the mass user of Android devices. It is also assumed that all the described changes may also be available on iOS. What innovations in WhatsApp are you waiting for?