WhatsApp Will Let You Share Large Files

  • 28-03-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

With WhatsApp, you can send a wide variety of media to your friends. However, their size is currently limited to 100 MB. The situation will change soon. It became known that the messenger developers are testing sending materials weighing up to 2 GB on both main mobile platforms.

The WABetainfo resource, which keeps WhatsApp customers up to date with all the planned new products, reported that some users in Argentina had discovered the opportunity to transfer larger files through the messenger than before. It is possible that both Android and iOS versions will roll out simultaneously. However, do not forget that such tests may not be implemented soon and will be replaced by more urgent updates.

The opportunity to send large files is a really important upgrade for the messenger. It should be borne in mind that modern portable devices, with each new model, get more and more advanced cameras. It means that not only the quality of photos and videos increases but also their weight. To not create difficulties in exchanging media files, WhatsApp should adapt to the development of modern technologies. This update will also make the app more competitive, allowing users not to depend on other software.

By the way, now WhatsApp compresses materials when sent. Users are forced to submit them as documents to keep the original quality. Whether this approach will change after the update is not yet clear. But it is known that developers are testing the function of previewing photos and videos before sending them.

Of the recent app updates, it is worth noting the improvement in working with voice messages. Now beta testers on both Android and iOS actively use this feature. We’re looking forward to seeing it in the public domain! What would you improve on WhatsApp if you had the opportunity?