WhatsApp Works on Companion Mode

  • 26-09-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Android tablets may soon receive advanced companion mode from WhatsApp. The company is actively testing new services. According to a recent report, WhatsApp is planning to add a Do Not Disturb option there. The features were spotted at the beginning of the year.

The rumor says that Android devices will receive two more features from WhatsApp. One of the biggest messaging apps around the world extends its opportunities for users. The first service that users will be able to check out is the so-called companion mode for tablets that run on android. The second feature is the Do not disturb ability for missed calls on your device.

As for companion mode, it will provide better compatibility between tablets and other devices on Android. You can connect your main device to the secondary one. It will contain all the information from your account, including the chats you had and the list of contacts. Basically, you will be able to switch between devices, without the need to copy and paste all the correspondence so you can keep in mind what you were talking about on your smartphone before you switched it to the tablet. The service provides instant access to correspondence. To activate the feature you need to go to the WhatsApp Settings and pick Linked Devices. You will need to scan the QR Code on the device you want to connect.

Another option is Do Not Disturb API. It will reveal to you those users who were turned off when you were in this mode. This way you will be able to quickly call everyone back. Since many users have to turn on Do Not Disturb mode during important meetings, the number of missed and never-revealed calls is high. This is why WhatsApp believes that the new feature will improve the conversations between users.

Do you think that these two services will double the popularity of WhatsApp? Do you think they are useful? Express your thoughts in the comments below.