YouTube Blocks Russian State Media Globally

  • 14-03-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Last Friday, the global platform YouTube decided to expand the blocking of Russian government channels on its platform. Such measures were taken in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Previously, these state media channels were blocked only in Europe. The list of sanctions against Russia Federeshion by the international community, American technology companies, and many other world-class companies continues to grow. 

Expending Restrictions for Russian Media

In this way, YouTube’s updated rules prohibit negative and other malicious content toward ongoing violence. According to YouTube rules, now Russian state media are not available worldwide. The banned content includes false claims that Russia is conducting a peacekeeping operation or completely denies the invasion of Ukraine. Moreover, Google has decided to ban advertising on the platform’s resources for all advertisers from Russia

Kent Walker, Google’s global affairs president, stated that the global company that most of the business-related to Russia has already been suspended. All over the world, contracts with Russia actively stop being active. So far, YouTube and other free services continue to work on the territory of the occupying country.

Updated Rules

YouTube content, which is related to the recent invasion of Ukraine and the possible ground for incitement to hatred, is allowed if it is educational and creative content that serves as scientific or artistic nature. This was stated by YouTube after updating the platform’s rules.

Moreover, Russia has completely restricted access to the famous photo-sharing platform Instagram this Friday. A criminal case was also brought against the owner of Meta by the Russian authorities. It was a response to the Instagram permission for content that calls for a start against the Russian military. What do you think about this update? Leave your comments below and share the article