YouTube Music Launches Personalized Stations Based on Multiple Songs

  • 02-02-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Personalization is the key, that’s what streaming services know. It’s already a thing for Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, and others to create a radio station out of just one song, broadcasting what other fans of this title like. But YouTube Music levels up this approach, launching personalized stations according to multiple tracks you like.

The feature is simply named “Recommended radios”. Of course, there are no radios that broadcast music regardless of your preferences. These stations are streaming playlists generated according to the users’ preferences. And now YouTube Music builds these playlists based on not one but multiple songs or artists you prefer. As you open the service, you see ten stations, each built on up to three artists whose songs are featured. Each time you reload the page, the stations change.

As you see a list of these radios, below each of the icons you see the list of tracks and artists it’s built upon. The names are quite generic, but within massive volumes like “reggae music”, “southern rock of the 1970’s”, or “pop 2010’s”, there are songs everybody knows, and there are hidden gems that you prefer to others. It seems like these algorithms learned to select what you will probably like. Along with an enormous database on tastes and preferences, it requires a powerful AI and a fuzzy approach that suggests songs the user will like with high probability.

YouTube Music is full of surprises these days. Just not so long ago it updated its Add to Playlist UI, way more usable than that of rivals. Now it takes stations to the new level. If YouTube Music goes on like this, its now miserable (as for a Google project) share will surely expand, making it a serious competitor.

So far, though, it’s available for a limited number of users. If you are one of those lucky, we’d like you to share your experience in the comments. If not, we’d still like to read what you think about it and whether you expect this type of personalized radio.