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Trials of Guinevere

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Trials of Guinevere is a re-imagining of the Arthurian legend, told from the perspective of Guinevere, and an exploration of her role and importance in the story. Trials of Guinevere is an RPG game set in the kingdom of Arthurian legend. You play the role of the legendary queen, Guinevere. With the help of her loyal knights, she must unite the land against an evil sorcerer who's plotting to overthrow the king.


The game is divided into three "acts", each one with its own unique set of puzzles and challenges. The first act takes place before the death of Arthur and we see Guinevere doing her daily tasks. The second act takes place during the time of the war and we see her helping her allies and participating in battles. The third act takes place after Arthur's death and we see Guinevere as an outcast. Gameplay is divided into two parts. The first is exploration, which is divided into two categories: town and dungeon. The towns are where you can purchase items and equipment, as well as speak to NPCs. Dungeons are where you can talk to NPCs and fight monsters. Dungeons consist of a series of one-screen rooms, and you must beat all the monsters in one room to advance to the next. The second part of gameplay is combat. Combat is turn-based, and the player controls a team of four knights. Combat is initiated by touching an enemy and consists of a series of turns. The player selects an attack and the knight executes it. The player can also use items and equip armor and weapons.


The graphics are beautiful and fit the mood of the game very well. The graphics are simple and cartoonish, with a cel-shaded look. The sprites are well-drawn and the animations are fluid. There is a good variety of monsters and environments.


There is no replayability for this game. There is a lot of replayability in Trials of Guinevere. There are sixteen classes to choose from and the game is not linear, so players can explore and experiment to find the one that best suits them. There are also a lot of classes and different strategies and party formations to try out.


I recommend Trials of Guinevere for those who want a good time-waster. The game is fun and challenging and will keep you occupied for a long time. If you're looking for a really long game, you might want to find something else.


  • The story is told from the perspective of Guinevere
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Challenging and interesting puzzles


  • There is no replayability
  • Too short


Trials of Guinevere Trials of Guinevere
Trials of Guinevere
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